Park Hotel Italia - e-green

electric charging car

Customers with electric or hybrid cars have the option to recharge their car at the Hotel.

There are 2 charging station available, each with 2 separate TYPE 2 sockets.

Charging has a maximum power of 22 kW which corresponds to being able to recharge the car in about 2 hours.

Thanks to a system equipped with an Ethernet port and modem, the column can provide accurate information about charging as well as its balance and error diagnosis.

Electric bicycle rental

Electric bicycle rental service.

They can be rented at Hotel Cannero and Park Hotel Italia:

1 Brinke X5S size S
1 Brinke X5S size M
1 Elios Enduro Size M
1 Thok Mig 2.0 size L
1 Brinke X5S size L
Rental terms are for E-BIKE:

Day 1: from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm – Euro 55.00.
2 days: from 9.00 am on the first day to 6.00 pm on the second day – Euro 89.00.
3 days: from 9.00 am on the first day to 6.00 pm on the third day – Euro 109.00.

Protective helmet rental Euro 3.00 per day.

The request must be received 24 hours in advance, the confirmation is subject to availability.

The itineraries can be downloaded from this app or suggested by local experts and can concern both the Piedmontese coast and the Lombard coast of Lake Maggiore

The links below are maps of the two sides of the lake in 3 D considering an acceptable distance from the place of departure which is Cannero.

There would be the possibility of itineraries guided by MTB guides.

Connections to the opposite shore or to the other coastal municipalities can be made with the Giada boat on request.